Chickenwarlord - ReMixer, has an army of chickens that he lords over

electric concerto - ReMixer, Dreamcast luver

Gimgak - ReMixer, good at disappearing from internet

Icy Guy - ReMixer, can be cold at times

MC Gerkin - ReMixer, Master of Ceremonies

Nario - ReMixer, a box of puppies, Selphie, etc.

penguindf12 - ReMixer, always dresses in a tux

thesamareaye - ReMixer, hates punctuation and grammar

Tomapella - ReMixer, video game composer, one of the 8 wonders of the world

Tyrog - ReMixer, lives in a bog with fog and likes dogs

Txai - artist, Sad Mario enthuasist

Viiklas - ReMixer, Tetris

V_Gasm - ReMixer, more awesome than you can comprehend

Xenon Odyssey - website, used to be part of project but dropped

Zimish One - head honcho, ReMixer, likes to run/be in projects, also known as POCKETMAN